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Deliveroo eGift Card

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Pre-purchase your Digital eGift Card to receive your discount.

Digital eGift Cards will be sent to you by email and available in your eWallet with instructions on how to redeem.

Although we make best efforts for instant delivery, occasionally this may take up to 72 hours.

Valid up to 36 month(s) from purchase.

The full terms and conditions can be found at (Corporate Gift Card Terms & Conditions).

Please be advised that once you have redeemed your Gift Card, you must use any Credit within 30 days of loading such amount(“Credit Expiry Date”), whether or not that 30 day period expires before or after the Gift Card Expiry Date.

Any Credit not used by the Credit Expiry Date will be deducted from your Deliveroo account.

To be clear, once the Gift Card has been redeemed and the Credit loaded to your Deliveroo account, the Credit Expiry Date will apply to that Credit (and not the Gift Card Expiry Date)