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The HOYTS Gift Card from GiftZip is the perfect gift for absolutely everyone, even if you’re not quite sure what to buy for them.

Everyone loves going to HOYTS to watch the latest movies so the HOYTS Gift Card from GiftZip will always be a winning gift you can rely on even for last minute shopping.

Because it’s so loved by everyone, getting a HOYTS Gift Card from GiftZip is also the perfect way to say thank you, or a great way to reward corporate customers and employees with a fast and easy gift

HOYTS Gift Cards are more than just a movie ticket.

They allow the cardholder the freedom to decide the movie, the location and the time, with the bonus of being able to purchase at the Candy Bar.

There are also great time-savers for corporate customers intending to purchase their online Gift Cards in bulk, with delivery direct to company email addresses.