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Jetstar eGift Card

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A Jetstar Gift Card from GiftZip is the perfect way to help someone make the best of their next flight and holiday.

Jetstar Gift Cards are the perfect way to celebrate special moments or even to say thank you to loyal customers, students, and employees.

They can be redeemed online for use towards Jetstar flights or extras like in-flight entertainment packs, meals, luggage, and more.

There are no delivery or handling fees.

You simply send your GiftZip straight to your recipient’s email address or send via SMS where it can be instantly redeemed.

If your recipient isn’t ready to spend their Jetstar Gift Card, however, they can download the handy GiftZip App and store their new gift on that.

Available for use on any smartphone or device, the GiftZip App allows people to keep their digital Gift Card on them at all times and avoid accidentally misplacing it before they’re ready to redeem it.